Long term
relationships are
more important than
short term rewards.
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Areas of Technical Expertise
The firm is prepared to take on work for the protection of most forms of
technology with an emphasis on those chemical, chemical engineering and
materials related, as well as some mechanical, biotech and electrical

In the chemical, chemical engineering and materials areas, expertise is
available generally and in particular in more specific areas including, but not
limited to,
nanotechnology, oil field chemistry and processes, oil field drilling
and related fluids and processes, pulp and paper technology, organic
polymers, silicone polymers, personal care products, pharmaceuticals,
semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, food chemistry and processing,
biofuels, oil refinery and chemical processes and control,
electrochemistry/batteries, environmental sciences and green technologies.

Services Offered in Patents and Other Technology Rights
Services offered include patent searching, patent application preparation and
prosecution, negotiation and drafting of patent/trade secret licenses and other
technology agreements, drafting of patent related opinions, counseling  in
patent/trade secret portfolio development and management, and litigation
support. International work is handled through and/or in consultation with
foreign associates (who are not members, partners or employees of this firm)
to the extent required by applicable law; the firm provides liaison services
relating to this for interested clients.

Some Special Services Offered
Clients who have not performed any search at all or who are concerned  
about the completeness of searches performed may request a
"break the
search. Here, the firm is given a copy of draft patent claims and
attempts to find invalidating prior art. Ideally, this would be done as early as
possible in the patenting cycle. Narrowed claims could then be drafted (and
support added to the specification as needed and as proper) to get around the
prior art found prior to filing.

international clients, especially from non-English speaking countries, the
firm offers a patent specification and claims
"cleanup" service; the firm will
edit an English language version or translation of a patent specification  and
claims to make it clearer for an American patent examiner and will also edit
the claims to conform to US requirements. The case may then be filed in the
US and should enjoy smoother prosecution. In addition, a quick patent search
could be performed before US filing using the databases most commonly
searched by US patent examiners to determine if any "adjustments" are
required; a more detailed search could be performed as needed. Such
searching and analysis prior to filing may eliminate many problems in
prosecution before it is otherwise too late.

Benefit from the Firm's Location near the USPTO
The firm's office is located only a short subway ride from the USPTO in
Alexandria, Virginia where US patent examination is done and where a major
publicly accessible
search facility and technical libraries are located. Such
location allows for the firm to conduct timely and cost effective patent
searches and
examiner interviews when needed.
The firm offers a wide variety of services relating to patents and other
technology rights. See below for details.

Overview of Patents and Other Technology Rights Practice
Through this practice area, the firm seeks to provide representation to both
individual and corporate clients around the world for the safeguarding of their
patent and other technology rights and to protect clients from improper
enforcement of any such rights of others against them. This practice area
was established with the aim of providing services of high quality at a
reasonable price; a wide variety of applicable services are offered as detailed
below. Applying a high level of energy, experience, and resourcefulness to
every project accepted from every client, regardless of size, this practice area
and the firm are dedicated to client success.
Main Services Provided in Patents and Other Technology Rights
Patent Related Opinions
Portfolio Counseling
Litigation Support
International Liaison  
Patent Searching
Patent Application Preparation
Patent Prosecution
Technology Agreements
Charles R. Richard
Patents and Other Technology Rights
Fee Schedule
Fees generally range from $125 to $275/hour attorney time plus
expenses; the actual hourly rate depends on the type, amount and
complexity of the work involved and other factors. Prospective clients
are invited to request fee estimates and inquire about possible high
volume discounts. A engagement/fee letter will be sent to all clients
at the time of engagement of the firm's services, before any work

A Statement of Firm Operating Principles
The operating emphasis of this firm is doing high quality work at a
reasonable price with an outlook to developing good, long term
attorney-client relationships. With this in mind, the firm has formulated a
set of operating principles as follows:

(1) the client's interests, within legal and ethical bounds, come first.
(2) the client is to be given every opportunity to deal directly with the
attorney(s) actually doing the work for them.
(3) the client is best served by attorneys who view their work within the
context of the client's overall objectives.
(4) the client deserves a high quality work product for a reasonable fee.
(5) the establishment and maintenance of a good, long term relationship
with the client is a primary goal of this firm and is more important than any
short term reward for the firm.