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Long term
relationships are
more important than
short term rewards.
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Technology Areas
The firm is prepared to take on work for the protection of most forms of
technology with an emphasis on those chemical, chemical engineering and
materials related as well as some mechanical, biotech and electrical

In the chemical, chemical engineering and materials areas, expertise is
available generally and in particular in more specific areas including, but not
limited to,
nanotechnology, oil field chemistry and processes, oil field
drilling and related fluids and processes, pulp and paper technology,
organic polymers, silicone polymers, personal care products,
pharmaceuticals, semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, food
chemistry and processing, biofuels, oil refinery and chemical processes
and control, electrochemistry/batteries, environmental sciences and green

Representative Patents/Applications and Office Actions
Representative patents/applications written by attorney, Charles R. Richard,
are listed in his profile
(click here); these patents/applications can be
viewed on the USPTO website via the Resources page link
(click here).
Office Actions written by him while at the USPTO can be viewed using
Public Pairs on the USPTO website via the Resources page link

Recent Publications by Attorney Charles R. Richard
Understand the Importance and Pitfalls of the Patent System, HYDROCARBON
PROCESSING, October 2006.
Profit from Understanding and Using the U.S. Patent System, CHEMICAL WEEKLY
(India), Nov 21, 2006.        
A Primer on Patent Law, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, August 2007.
Working with a Patent Attorney, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, September 2007.
Nano Know-How, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, February 2009.
Next-Generation Biofuels: Establishing, Protecting and Profiting from Technology Rights,
Protecting and Profiting from Technology Rights, FOREST CHEMICALS REVIEW,
May-June 2010.
Copies of these may be available. Please inquire if interested.
Charles R. Richard
Patents and Other Technology Rights
Firm Experience